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About Credit Resource Group:
Credit Resource Group works on a referral basis. It’s likely that a friend or colleague has sent you to me because I’ve successfully repaired their credit, or their clients’ credit. Typically, people will send their clients and friends to me, for credit repair, because they need to get a loan funded. And, since a good credit score is the most important component of closing a loan at a desirable interest rate and terms, many people come to me for credit repair when they are in the midst of plans for buying a home or refinancing at a lower rate. Be sure to check out our Proof/Results page, to see more about what I have done for people in the past. Using every tool available for fast credit score increase, we aim for the best score possible. And, that means the best loan terms for you. So, all in all, I’m in the business of helping you get that loan done! Call me for a free review of your credit situation. If you don’t need my services, I’ll still advise you on the best solution:
Ron 888-386-0730 

How We Can Help You:
I help mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, Realtors, home builders, loan officers, manufactured home dealers, and Real Estate companies as well as anyone that needs credit repair for their client or, of course, for themselves. Let’s face it, you know that No Credit/Bad Credit=No Loan. We understand that. And that’s why we have a fully automated system with tracking and follow up for a quick turnaround. So, the benefit to you is: Loans funded and deals closed. For consumers, that is reflected in signing the papers and holding the keys to your new home! For Realtors and brokers, it’s reflected in your commission check! And, everyone loves a win/win situation like that one. Contact me today to find out more about how I can help you get those tough deals done!
Ron 888-386-0730

We Remove:

.Tax Liens      .Bankruptcies       .Foreclosures      .Repossessions      .Student Loans      .Incomplete Info       .Slow Pays       .Civil Liens
.No Pays      .Charge Offs       .Out of Date Info       .Incorrect Info
.Judgements      .Medical Bills      .Inquiries      & More…..

Please note that we can only remove inaccurate, obsolete and unverifiable information from the credit bureaus.  We cannot remove accurate information, but we can challenge its accuracy.

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